Hand-forged traditional door and window hardware
Rustix hand-forged cabinet fittings

Rustix hand-forged door hardware

Rustix hand-forged window furniture

Rustix Patina Door Levers

Rustix Patina Window Furniture

Anvil  hand-forged Hinges

Anvil hand-forged Door handles

Anvil hand-forged Knobs

Anvil hand-forged Bolts

Anvil hand-forged Hooks

Anvil hand-forged Letter Plates

Anvil hand-forged Door Knockers

Anvil hand-forged Window Hardware

The hand-forging enables faithful copies of  period pieces of door, window and cabinet hardware to be made. They are ideally suited for listed and period properties as well as for the discerning customer looking to create an old world feeling in their home.

We stock two different makes of hand-forged ironmongery now. Rustix hardware is from England where the bee-keeping Brothers at Buckfast Abbey in Devon supply the bees wax for the  traditional finish which gives a stunning effect of a rich, dark, brown/black colour tinged with the deep red-ochre from the forge.
The cheaper Anvil door hardware is made in India using the same methods of hand-forging, their ironmongery also has a waxed finish.

Please Note: Wax finish is not suitable for external use, however certain items can be powder-coated so that they can be used outside.

Due to the nature of many of these fittings, sizes may vary to a small degree.

last updated: 19/6/2013