Superb designs and quality, with a 25 year guarantee against tarnishing, corrosion and abrasion.
Stainless Brass (P.V.D.)is a process of the 1990's. PVD stands for 'physical vapour deposition'. This brass has no laquer covering which may break down due to modern day factors such as acid rain, carbon monoxide emissions and airborne chemical particles.Neither does it need the daily polishing to maintain an attractive finish and lustre.
Rigorous tests have shown that it withstands the  equivalent of 25 years under normal oxidation, wear and abrasion conditions.
This specialist process is time-consuming and more expensive than  standard brassware, but the long term advantages well outweigh extra costs and are already appreciated by many private and commercial users.Wherever maintenance free conditions and beautiful brassware is required choose Stainless Brass (PV.D.).
We are able to supply 2 ranges of stainless brass  from Carlisle Brass and Samuel Heath the latter provides English brass of the very highest quality, which of course is reflected in the price.
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