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Much of  our stainless brass and a large percentage of our cheaper brass products are from Carlisle Brass, a well established firm, who provide quality products.
Final handpolishing
Suppliers of top quality English brass and bathroom fittings. English brass of the highest quality.

Renowned for very high quality and large range  including gold plated brass, 'lye' brass finishes. Authentic period fittings which can recreate  an actual historical scene in buildings of importance. Used in Windsor Castle, Houses of Parliament etc. Door and window hardware, electrical and bathrom fittings.

From Brassart
Louis xiv door furniture 1643-1715
Early Georgian 1715-1723
Louis xv  1723-1724
Georgian 1725-1760
Adam Fittings 1770-1810
Regency Range 1810-1835
Victorian Range 1835-1901
Art Deco 20century suite 1920's
Isis   1945 on
Curtain Tie Backs
Bathroom Fittings

Croft High Quality English Brass

Made by hand in the U.K. Croft Architectural Hardware produce some of the most sought after door and window fittings in the marketplace

Established in 1972 Croft Architectural Hardware have been manufacturing high quality door and window fittings in brass, bronze and aluminium to both the public and private sectors.

Over the last 30 years the company has built an unparalleled reputation within the industry for providing customers with the highest quality products, dedicated service and competitive pricing.

Producing British manufactured products made to the highest standards on-site by their experienced workforce. Combining traditional skills with modern manufacturing techniques their craftsmen produce fittings that will stand the test of time, and are specified the world over.

As well as standard product lines, they are often called upon to produce specialist items for inclusion within buildings of importance such as royal palaces, government houses, castles & stately homes.

Brass available lacquered and unlacquered.

Croft-Architectural Hardware.

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